On our Focus on the Family Broadcast “Trusting God That Hope Is on the Way,” our guest, Dove and Grammy Award-winning Christian alternative and rap figurehead TobyMac, is sharing his journey of faith, family, and music, and encouraging listeners to find hope in God through difficulty, loss, and tragedy.

TobyMac has suffered plenty of all three. His oldest son Truett, an aspiring rapper, died tragically at age 21 in 2019 after a drug overdose. Despite the depths of that darkness, Toby says shafts of God’s light still made it through. He sensed God saying to him, “I love you, even though you don’t believe it right now.”

We can run from our sorrow, or we can sit with God, connect with Him in our pain, and allow Him to speak to us. When Toby did that, the darkness in his life began to lift, he began to see God as kind and good again, and his faith in life after death was renewed.

Toby says:

“I know God differently now. I know Him better. I trust Him more. It’s hard, and it will always be messy going forward. I’ll always be a different man, but I know my God better, and I trust Him more. He is honestly the goodness of my life. Full on!”

God doesn’t promise us an easy road, but He does promise never to leave or forsake us in our times of sorrow and loss. He provides comfort and peace in our pain and deepens our faith.

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